Printable Playa Schedule 2019

This is a giant spreadsheet with every single event and art installation at Burning Man. Scroll down, download, and start getting excited ;)

When you arrive at the gates of Black Rock City, the greeters hand you a thick booklet full of all kinds of events, parties, classes, & games. It's awesome, but the last thing I wanted to do when I got there was sit in my tent reading. Only after returning from my virgin burn did I leaf through that book, and realize just how many incredible things I wished I'd known about. Next year, I wanted to go through the list in advance.

Unfortunately, I found the official Playa Events page to be a bit frustrating - you have to click each event one at a time, few include a location, and many are repeated over & over again. So to make things easier, I decided to whip up a script to export the whole event list to Excel.

With Excel you can see everything all at once, sort however you like, trim those you aren't interested in, add notes, or share & collaborate with friends. When finished, you've got a simple at-a-glance spreadsheet that you can print & take to the Playa. I've structured it with each day as a separate column - that way you can glance down a column to see what's happening at a moment's notice. I've also included the full list of art installations, and supplementary location data from & The Unofficial BRC Map.

I hope you find it useful (leave me a note below if you do!), & to see you all on the Playa )'(

The download is available in two flavors:
  • 2019 Pre-formatted Spreadsheet. If this is your first time here, this is the version I'd suggest. It's pre-formatted to be quicker & easier to read, providing the best first-look at what this is about. The data is current as of 08/22/2019.
  • 2019 Tab-Separated Values. Check back in 2020 2021! :)
How To Format The CSV For Viewing/Printing (using Excel 2019 on Windows):
  • Open the CSV file in Excel
  • File->Save As->Excel Workbook (xlsx)
  • Select All->Calibri 8
  • Select All->Right-Click->Row Height = 14
  • Select All->Right-Click->Format Cells->Alignment->Wrap text = OFF
  • Page Layout->Gridlines->Print = ON
  • Select the columns up to & including "Where," then Page Layout->Print Area->Set Print Area
  • Page Layout->Scale = 50%
  • Page Layout->Margins->Custom->Top=0.1", all others=0"
  • Page Layout->Print Titles->Sheet->Rows to repeat at top = $1:$1
  • Insert->Header & Footer:
    • Left side = &[Page]/&[Pages]
    • Center = 20xx Playa Events && Art
    • Right side =
  • View->Normal
  • View->Freeze Panes->Freeze Top Row
  • Select the top row...
    • Bold
    • Left-align
    • Right-Click->Format Cells->Number->Custom->Type = ddd m-dd
  • Data->Sort->Add a level for each date column, in reverse order (i.e. Mon, Sun, Sat, Fri, ...)
  • Column Widths:
    (Note: Widths render differently on-screen than when printed - if you tweak your widths at all,
    make sure to set them in Normal view, but verify them in View->Page Layout, to make sure they don't spill onto the next page.)
    • Dates = 6.89
    • Title = 17.33
    • Description = 114.89
    • Type = 2.67
    • Camp = 8
    • Where = 5.67
When finished, I suggest printing to PDF as a test run, to verify it comes out as expected (fits on the page, headers are there, first row is repeated, etc
Note: The data changes quite a bit in the weeks leading up to the burn, as camps submit their events & locations. I suggest downloading your final copy as late as possible for the most complete & accurate info.

Previous Years:
Disclaimer: This app is not affiliated with or endorsed by Burning Man Project or Black Rock City LLC.

  90 Responses to “Printable Playa Schedule”

  1. The line breaks in the descriptions make Excel 2007 think it’s a new line, and will mess up the formatting. HERE’S THE FIX: Open Excel, Click File, Open, go find the file PlayaEvents(tab-separated-values).txt and select it. Hold down the shift key and click Open, and it will ignore the line breaks contained in the descriptions.

    • Hi Zoom,

      Thanks for the tip – but line breaks within descriptions should actually work fine. It just looks weird because of how Excel sets the column heights: if you re-save it as an xls and then manually set all the column heights, it will look better (and multiline descriptions will be multiline cells).

      That’s one of the things I meant by “pre-formatted” πŸ˜‰

    • You are a GOD!!

  2. Very cool! First thing I did was try to see all events starting at 8pm on 8/4. So far, so good. Then did a pivot table to see the location of the biggest concentration of events happening at that time. Most fun. (I see the ‘simple spreadsheet’ version definitely has a lot of valuable cleaning up done so used that.)

    Note for commenters: If it doesn’t accept your captcha entry it erases all your comment text so save it in Notepad!

  3. Pivot tables are sexy!

  4. My first playa gift! A big thank you!

  5. That’s it, then. Next year, Pivot Camp, where all the cool kids aggregate.

  6. Hey Justin, this is the best thing ever. I autosorted the list in Alphabetical order by camp name and was able to quickly find most of the stuff i wanted to do. I also created a column called LIKE and put mark on 30-50 of my favorite events and sorted by my “LIKE” colum and just printed that small selection one to keep in my Bike pouch.

  7. Hi there! Camp lead for Naked Rainbow. We have some events we just input into the online directory, which may take a few more hours… will it show up on this Excel export? Thanks!!

    • Yep – please see the description of the 2 available “flavors” at the very end of the post πŸ™‚

  8. The ‘simple’, 8/10 version has far more locations filled in so will use that as a lookup table to help fill in whenever I download a new file. (Looks like the ‘event id’ in each URL link is unique, fortunately, so that makes lookups a hell of a lot easier! -)

    • It definitely shouldn’t have more locations; it comes from the same data, all I’ve done is re-saved it as Excel format, set some column widths, etc…

  9. […] Download the spreadsheet of every single freakin’ event and party happening at Burning Man 201… […]

  10. Thank you Justin. I will now have a reason to figure out how to use a spreadsheet. Funny, I only emailed someone in BORG last night asking if they could do something like this, so that’s what I call customer service! πŸ™‚

  11. This is an amazing gift! Thank you SO much!

    But… but… So many of the things I want to do overlap or on opposite sides of the city. I’m afraid some of them will have to reschedule. I can’t possibly do everything I want to in a week, or even 10. There should be a “make-up” Playa so we can catch all the things we’re going to miss. Maybe that’s what Fly Ranch is for.

    This is my first Burn and I’m trying desperately not to over extend myself. I always told myself that I’d just go with the flow, but there are SO many things that sound perfect and exactly what I’m looking for. My Bruner friends tell me that I need to realize that even if I go nuts I’m only going to ever see ~15% of what’s there. I understand this intellectually, but reading the specifics of what each camp has to offer is like being an art historian with only an afternoon at the Louvre. My head’s gonna explode!

  12. Thank you – this is awesome!

  13. This is so fantastic!!! i had the same frustration with the click thru each event to get any detail – this is way better. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!

  14. Data. You rock! Thanks much!

  15. Thanks Justin for this valuable worksheet! The line breaks in the descriptions also make Excel 2010 think it’s a new line, and will mess up the formatting. Thanks Zoom for that tip how to overcome that issue!

  16. Thank you for this gift.

    Doesanyone have suggestions on how they are going to approach events? This is my second burn..on my first one I let the dust (and drugs) take me wherever it wanted. I wanted to be a little more mindful and intentional about it this go around.

  17. Am I missing something? I see the times in the schedule but how do we know what camps these are located at?

  18. Is there any way to change the time from 24hr to 12hr?

    • Nope, sorry. 24hr made the most sense because it’ll sort properly, is unambiguous, & requires 4 less characters per entry (it’s already super-cramped when printing, so I tried to make everything as abbreviated as I possibly could)…

    • You can build a vlookup() tAble and create a column for that.

  19. awsome!

  20. Thank you! Sweet! πŸ™‚

  21. Hi Justin. This is awesome! I am trying to put together an “in our neighborhood” directory for my camp and this simplifies life a ton. One question – time time of one of our event is correct on the playaevents site, but showing up incorrectly on this export. Is that an issue with how we submitted the event in the first place or something to do with the export? Could this be a problem for other camps as well? Thank you!!

    • Hi Beth,

      My server caches data for ~5min at a time to prevent excessive load, so if you *just* updated it on, you might have to wait a few minutes to see it reflected here. If that’s not what’s going on, then it’s a problem I’m not aware of – could you give the the direct link to such an event so I can check it out?

  22. Tab-separated txt file export appears to be giving times in UTC, not PDT. Everything is offset by 7 hours.

    • Yikes!! You’re right – I checked my logs, it looks like “randomly” changed the timestamp format in their API around 6am on 2016/08/16; prior to that all the dates were correct, then suddenly they all shifted. Should be fixed now, thanks for the heads up.

    • Fantastic! That did the trick! Thank you!! )'(

  23. thank you for this, which was very helpful (if overwhelming at the same time)

  24. This is awesome! Please do it next year too!

  25. The 2017 playa event page is live. Will you do this for 2017?

    • I’d like to, time permitting.

    • Done πŸ™‚

      (Though the location data is still super incomplete, because it depends on, which itself just came back online like a week ago – so barely any data there yet).

    • Thank you for updating this for 2017. This is awesome yet again.

      If I recall correctly, last year I could organize each column (ie by time, camp, type and where) by clicking on something, which was superhelpful (I just tried to do it by exporting to Excel). Is this functionality waiting for the info from burnermap?

    • You can just use data->sort. What you’re thinking of was “filter,” but I decided not to pre-enable that by default this year because it if used incorrectly it can sometimes mess up the column associations.

  26. Thanks for 2017! This is really great.

  27. Nice work! However I will not even look at it! Don’t want my burn to become a scheduled event. FOMO material!

    • I just use it for finding the “really must-see” events – because yeah, if you mark *too* much, it becomes way too overwhelming.

  28. Justin, you are great. Thanks! I have several long plane trips between now and BM so just the perfect time to do this. As virgin burner, this will be my guide. Oh, and thanks for link to all your world photos. Beautiful!

  29. Excellent, manageable – and maleable – resource; thank you, Justin!

  30. Justin, this is incredible! Thank you for taking on this daunting task. Will more events be added or is this the final copy?

    Thanks again this is a big help.

  31. This is a phenomenal resource! Thank you very much for creating and sharing this.

  32. Love this!

    I downloaded the TSV file today. Brought it into Excel using tabs. For the most part, all seemed good. I then sorted the file by CAMP to see our camp events just to see if the info in BM’s files was good. We are Burner Buddies camp. I noticed one of our events was not shown when I just sorted the whole file just on CAMP. Event ending in 21376 is one of ours and appears correctly on BMorg. However, in the sorted file, it appears in row 3117 as of this am. Our camp name appears in the 29-Aug column, location in 30-Aug. It appears some thing has gone goofy.

    • >>Our camp name appears in the 29-Aug column, location in 30-Aug. It appears some thing has gone goofy.

      I just re-verified both the pre-formatted spreadsheet & the most recent direct export (tsv); neither show any abnormalities in any of the date columns. This must have been caused by something done in your local copy after performing the download.

    • Thanks for the reply. I downloaded it again today, imported it, same problem. I must be doing the import wrong or my Excel needs something changed.

    • Are you using a very outdated version of Excel? Possible it’s just parsing the TSV wrong. In any case, the pre-formatted file should work.

    • Using the latest version of Office 365 Excel – Version 1707 (Build 8326.2076).

      I have the pre-formatted file and it looks perfectly fine.

      I can send you screen captures of the way I import and the results after that if you like.

      Again, thanks for your effort and these links.

    • >>Using the latest version of Office 365 Excel

      Hmm, latest version should work.

      >>I can send you screen captures of the way I import

      Sorry, but I honestly really don’t have time to provide individualized support – I’m *extremely* under pressure these last few days to get work done & pack for the burn (barely time to sleep). If I get any other similar reports (so far there haven’t been any, but several thousand downloads) I’ll do my best to look into it, but for now I’d suggest just sticking to the pre-formatted version. I do plan to try to update it once more before the burn, time permitting.

  33. I assume you’ll do a final update once you get the placement info from the Org. If and when you do so, can you note at the top that the final update is posted (that’ll alert me to actually print it out). I’m not an Excel guru so tips on how to make it all fit on a 8 1/2×11 sheet would be welcomed

    This is great and I’ve used this in 2015 and 2016–thank you!

    • They don’t release the official placement info until the gate opens, at which point I’ll already be gone – so no, I won’t.

      As for printing, I’d suggest doing practice runs by printing to PDF to make sure it comes out as you want. If you don’t know how to format, you could probably download the current data & just paste it back into my pre-formatted spreadsheet πŸ™‚

    • It’s all good and thanks–there’s enough placement info there and the rest is serendipity πŸ™‚

      My best wishes for a wonderful burn.

  34. This is awesome! Exactly what I was searching for. Thank you so much!

  35. Thank you again for doing this and I hope you’ll eventually do this again for 2018!

  36. Thank you for 2018! Happy burn!

  37. […] and that’s tremendous essential. How essential? Verify this out: All these playa apps, that fancy spreadsheet Justin Klein made with all of the occasions in it, and the print-your-own information all use the database. Some […]

  38. Really cool Justin

  39. This is fantastic, but if only it could be pre-formatted so it prints nicely (vertifical or horizontal) on a 8 1/2×11 page (or even 8 1/2×14 page)…

    • It could be and it does – I print up a bunch of them & hand them out every year πŸ™‚

    • I am not an Excel ninja. How is that done? Any chance of easy to use instructions or uploading an idiot version with pre-arranged formatting for 11″ paper?

    • The pre-formatted version is already pre-formatted to print on standard 8.5×11 printer paper.

  40. Just uploaded a copy to our theme camp, filtered for events near us. Thanks! -)

  41. this is beyond helpful. thank you SO much for this. phenomenal to imagine how much is happening at BM all the time!

  42. thank you so much for this. this is a huge gift to us all, justin!

  43. thank you!!

  44. Do you hand format the formatted version, or can you share with us your sort and formatting process? I like how yours is formatted, but I want to have a more current version.

    • Hand formatted. It’s a fairly long process which is why I only manually do it a couple of times, but I’ll make one more in the next couple days before leaving for the burn. Maybe next year I can try to writeup instructions.

  45. My event didn’t come through properly… it’s called the Oval Ascension and it’s at Camp Beaverton. For some reason the Camp name didn’t transfer from the playa-events to the spreadsheet.

  46. is this VBA or can I open it in google sheets? I don’t own office!

  47. Hi Justin, Just a little of thanks, this is incredible. I wont be getting my booklet and ticket until the day before so this is a dream. thank you so much for creating this for all our benefit! See you on the playa!

    Shell x

  48. I have used your spreadsheet every year since 2016. Thank you SOOOO much! This is the best playa gift I have ever received.

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