Jan 302005

imageNo time for a lot of writing today, but I did finally get around to adding some new pictures. The next three were taken in and around the Nanzenji Shrine.

imageI actually didn’t spend a whole lot of time here, just sort of stumbled on the place as I was riding my bike back from the Kyoto International Center. It was really awesome, though…especially because there were virtually NO other tourists there…

imageAnd because it’s in the farthest outskirts of Kyoto, with a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains (Kyoto is in a valley, surrounded on all sides).

imageI also finally found out the name of the shrine from my post on 1/22 (with the gigantic torii). It’s called “Heian Jingu.”

imageAnd the festival I went to with Naomi a while back was called “Touka Ebisu” matsuri.

imageAnd of course, what kind of a picture update would this be without at least one piece of Engrish. Please note: this is NOT beer. Just “beer taste.”

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  1. Hey did you also go up above nanzenji? You go under the aqueduct and up the stairs and then you can walk along the aqueduct, up and around and come out on the old train tracks. If you didn’t find that part, check it out next time. Also, Heian Jingu and Nanzenji are both great for Hanami. Remember for spring 😉

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