Oct 212010

Both Peder and I were in pretty sour moods after the whole Party Boat encounter. All week we’d been looking forward to what’s supposed to be a fantastic night out on the river…but two huge guys with serious attitude problems unfortunately pulled the plug barely halfway through.

Still, it was a Saturday – our very last in Eastern Europe – so we couldn’t very well head home this early. We decided to catch a cab back to Patipa, the club we’d originally intended to visit the previous evening (where Peder met the guys who later got us into Tsar).

We pulled up, and within moments a tall guy approached us out of the blue. “Hey, I’m the organizer of the event tonight – tell the doorman you’re Andrew’s guest and he’ll let you in for free.”

Sweet! Not sure what prompted him to invite us out of all the dozens of people who were dilly-dallying just outside the door. But…sweet! 🙂

Yet I think we were both surprised to discover that Patipa’s vibe really wasn’t quite as nice as Tsar’s – just as suggested by the two guys the previous evening. I’m not entirely sure why; indeed, looking back through the countless photos makes it seem like we had just as much fun as ever. Perhaps our moods were still a bit off from the whole boat experience; as I’ve increasingly realized over the years, “inner game” really is more important than “outer game” when it comes to meeting people and having a good time. In any case, I guess it’d be unfair to expect every night to be perfect 😉

And on the plus side, we did finally manage to connect with Bruce – the Hawaiian traveler we’d met several days earlier – and even got him in for free to boot. Though we’d been trying to meet for the past two evenings, difficulties with transit and coordinating with his friends had always prevented us from doing so.

We also connected with a cool group of guys who invited us to smoke hookah with them…and as you all no doubt know, I loves me some hookah 🙂 It may be a small consolation for almost getting the crap beaten out of me by two giant Ukrainians…but that’s fine. Because the real consolation – a wonderfully fun and totally unexpected encounter the following day – would more than make up for a nearly bitter goodbye to Kiev 🙂

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  1. Glad to hear your last night turned out well. Things like @ssholes can really ruin an entire experience, especially if it’s right at the end.

  2. Hey Mike! Didn’t think you were still reading 🙂 Any idea yet on how much longer you’ll be around? Your photos are freaking amazing, I’d love to go out shooting with you sometime…

  3. Inner game is REALLY important…..agreed!

  4. Hehe 🙂

  5. He he, I remember how we were approached by the organizer dude, and at the same time why you don’t 😛

  6. Hah…well, I know the latter had something to do with that first photo above 😉 Why were we approached tho?

  7. 1) Yep 😛

    2) We weren’t. I started talking to the dude and his friend because they were dressed in exactly opposite colors (on purpose)…and of course because of our headgear. All this happened while you were “exploring” the next door backyard.

  8. Ahhh, now it all makes sense! 😆

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