Oct 162010

Every time Peder and I go out at night, we tell ourselves “Let’s get an early start so we can spend a couple hours strolling around before heading into a proper club.” But somehow the story always ends up the same. We don’t get out until after midnight and end up having so much fun meeting locals on the way that we skip the club entirely…or we find ourselves entering a totally unexpected venue at some ungodly late hour.

Friday night in Kiev was no exception.

Although we actually were ready to leave the hostel by 11, on our way out we met a group of six Eastern-Ukrainian girls visiting for the weekend. When they promptly invited us to join them in their room for drinks, we agreed, promising ourselves that 11:45 would be the absolute cutoff.

We left just after 1:15. Oops!

So rather than walking to Club Patipa as planned, we hopped in a quick cab there. It took Peder all of about 2 minutes to meet a couple of local guys while I was off using the restroom,* so by the time I returned our plans had changed yet again:

“Hey, why don’t you come with us – we’re on our way to a club called Tsar just down the road. It’s way nicer than Patipa and we’re friends with the doorman, so we can get you in for free if you want!”

(…Or nearly free, because a round of shots only costs a couple bucks in Ukraine 😉 )

I can say pretty much without hesitation that Friday night was thus far my favorite club night of the trip. Because for the first time since Seoul, we were truly in our element: we walked in knowing nobody and within what felt like minutes everyone seemed to know our names. Over the course of the night we must’ve had two dozen people come up to propose a toast or jump into a photo or invite us to join their table. I can’t help but wonder what those guys from Patipa must’ve thought, when they got us inside, released us into the crowd, and watched the result. I only wish every night could go so well 🙂

The bulk of the evening we spent with the group shown here, until somewhere around 5am when the club finally closed and we were told it was time to head home – so we exchanged emails and began a long walk halfway across the city. By the time we made it back to the hostel and collapsed on our beds the sun was once again shining high in the sky.

It’s great to be alive…and in Kiev 😎

*Direct quote from Lonely Planet: “In Ukraine, everywhere is a bathroom…”

  3 Responses to “Owning Club Tsar”

  1. And by “running” you really mean he took off like a sprinter to deliberately steal them. Good thing we managed to tackle him…

  2. @Peder: Haha yeah, that was probably the second most deliberate bling-theft I’ve ever experienced…after that girl in Chişinău 😯

    @Andy: Indeed :mrgreen:

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