Aug 242010

The weather during the train ride from Serbia to Romania was absolutely perfect, and it felt wonderful after more than a month of solo travel to finally have a companion to chat with.

…And to guard the luggage from gypsies whenever I had to use the restroom 😛

Although the ride was fairly routine as far as cross-country trains are concerned, there were three particular situations that stood out in my memory:

1) An absolutely whacked-out traveler from San Francisco came to our cabin to bother us an average of once every thirty minutes. I’m almost positive he was on some sort of drug, as he couldn’t seem to retain a fact for more than a minute or two – he must’ve asked Peder if he was Finnish twenty times. Plus he couldn’t seem to stop rambling, his train of thought scatterbrained at best. At one point he walked right into our berth (the door was closed and curtain drawn) and blurted out “So you guys are into those crazy ecstasy parties, then?”

“Um, no…but something tells me you are.”

We probably said a total of one word per every 500 of his. He just seemed to need a place to monologue.

2) At the Romanian border, immigration police came through the train and lifted up every single bench-style seat. They were looking for human smuggling…

3) The outer doors to the train were wide opened for the entire ride. Considering we were going about 70mph with the train jolting back and forth incessantly, I was blown away at how dangerous it seemed. Especially because you actually had to step over opening to reach the next car – or the toilet.

When Peder asked the conductor “Isn’t that a little dangerous?” he simply shrugged, “eh – nice breeze.”

  5 Responses to “On To Romania”

  1. they need that phony ATM warning in the US too

  2. Is that really an issue here too? I haven’t heard of it..!

  3. yea, there’ve been a lot of reported cases of fake ATM booths set up next to real ATMs. I saw a breakdown of one machine after it was found at a security conference.

  4. That’s pretty crazy…I can’t imagine how someone could haul a big-ass fake ATM into a Las Vegas hotel unnoticed! Must’ve been an inside job.

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