Nov 042004

The first version of my website is up! I figured that since I had so many random pieces of information floating around on the internet (projects, photos, etc) I might as well just give in and put together one website with EVERYTHING. Obviously it’s still a work-in-progress, I’m filling in the pieces one at a time whenever i don’t feel like doing homework…

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  1. What’s up Stud? I Finally Have a System up in My Place. I Know Your Coming Home Soon But Keep in Touch Anyway. I Have Been Checking Out Your Stuff Here, Very Cool Man, Later.

  2. Hey Justin – great site you have here and kudos to you for living a life which many would never even dream of let alone begin to pursue.

    I’m writing because I’m trying to find a programmer for a social media tool which enables to the creation of Facebook custom tabs without needing to know HTML and also provide some sentiment analysis / mention monitoring capabilities. I worked with a programmer for the past 5 months who wrote some of the early code in Django/Python, but I’m now looking for another programmer to pick up where the old programmer ended OR even begin building again from scratch.

    have wireframes prepared and am in the process of writing the technical spec but I wonder if this is the type of project you’d be interested in. If so, can you let me know a good email for me to drop you a line and I can send you some more info.

    Safe travels!

    Best, Jonathan Liu
    Twitter: moonlighthk

  3. Whoa, a comment on my very first post! Thanks for the interest…replied via email 🙂

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