Apr 142010

My flight to Munich departs in 6 hours. It’s 1am. I just finished packing. What next: sleep, or Lonely Planet?

What do you think? 🙂

Since I’ll be working fulltime for the first 10 days in Europe, I wouldn’t expect too much blog-wise until the later part of the month. Then you can expect tulips, windmills, and liver-damagingly wild parties – as I kick off the real adventure at Queen’s Day in Amsterdam. Rumor has it Tiesto will be performing this year. My fingers are crossed already. Nope, it isn’t easy to type like this.

So, I’ll talk to you all again soon – from the other side of the Atlantic! And remember, even if the blog posts fall behind, the “Current Location” widget (right side) will always be accurate – as long as I have Internet.

…You know, just in case you’re dying to know exactly where I am 🙂

  6 Responses to “Munich-Bound”

  1. i am dying to know exactly where u r. xxxxx

  2. Thanx! 🙂

  3. Have an awesome time! If you do, I know adam says Doner (with an umlaut over the O) is awesome…Its kinda like a gyro..

  4. Hope you are doing well. Don’t breath in any volcano ashes!

  5. Haha yeah – but Doner is Turkish, not German 😉 If you want REALLY good Doner, head to the Middle East! 😉

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