Mar 192010

As you can probably tell, my current “phase,” after finishing up this site’s overhaul, has involved cleaning up and open-sourcing as much of my custom web code as possible. This started with jKMLMap, as mentioned here, followed by Facebook Photo Fetcher a few days later. Then came the 3 Babylon glossaries I posted in the previous entry (OK, that’s not really web code – just something else I implemented over the last year that I felt others might benefit from). Finally I’ve completed the last two planned releases: WP-ViperGB and WP-FB AutoConnect.

WP-ViperGB is the homemade Guestbook script I’ve been using here. Although my guestbook was originally based on ViperGB, a completely separate CMS, at one point I decided to code up my own solution to function identically within a standard WordPress page. I’ll bet you didn’t even notice the difference 🙂

WP-FB AutoConnect is a widget that’ll let users seamlessly login using their Facebook accounts, without needing to manually register. For those who haven’t noticed, I disabled user self-registration a little while back – even with email validation and CAPTCHA I was getting far too much registration spam, so hopefully this will take care of that issue. It’ll also let me automatically grant personal friends access to higher-level content based on our Facebook associations, reducing the per-user administrative burden. Existing users who connect with Facebook will retain their existing accounts (as long as they’ve registered the same e-mail address on Facebook as on this blog).

All in all I’m pretty satisfied. There are a few more things I could clean up and release, but the functionality they offer is a bit more advanced and in all honesty many support requests I’ve received thus far have hinted that releasing them would probably end up as more of a headache than it’s worth. So for now, I’ll stop here.

In any case, the Facebook plugins have received well over 1,000 downloads each in just a few days, and WP-ViperGB is on its way too. One of the core developers of BuddyPress even contacted me directly to say that WP-FB AutoConnect is something thousands of his users have been dying for, so hopefully that one should take off nicely. Yay 🙂

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  1. Excellent work!

  2. You’re a monster. I’m still trying to see if I should continue an entire site in WordPress or have it feed to my current design. Lookie you, spittin out plugins left and right.

  3. Grat plugin man! thanks!

  4. Great plugins

  5. sounds great!

  6. download link is not working…can you help me with this? thx…

  7. Thank you very much for you guestbook is very interesting my sincere congratulations .
    Happy New Year.

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