Mar 182005

OK, I know I said that was going to be the last post until after Tokyo, but really…

…how could I not share my mom’s birthday with the world?? Happy Birthday, mom! You are pure awesomeness.

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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    I am the proudest mom.
    Love you lots!

  2. You owe many thanks to your VERY good friend, Ron. I met him at LAX this morning and he graciously accepted the 60 pound suitcase full of goodies from the states. That bag was heavy!!! (I got up in the morning and removed @12 pounds from it, I was worried that it was ridiculously heavy and lost sleep over it, thinking about him lugging it through the city and train stations.) But it’s fun to imagine that it will be like Christmas when you actually see all the goodies.:)
    Ron is a pretty 特級 guy.

  3. Happy Birthday Susan! Don’t worry about Justin, now that he’s learning his kanji and living with monks he’ll soon figure out how to communicate with the forest spirits and live off of plant moss and stream water. No need to send him any goodies 🙂 I on the other hand am po’ and surviving bagel to bagel soo… lol j/k.

  4. You are right! She’s most awesomest MOM. And the bestest person. It takes a special son to see it and acknowledge it.

  5. hi justin!
    Great pictures! hope you are having the time of your life. thought i’d say hi!
    happy times!

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