Jan 012005

Kyoto really is a breathtaking place. Today I spent most of the day walking around, and I was fortunate enough to see a Maiko and Geiko among the crowd in Gion:
(here’s a short video)

…But not before stumbling onto a street that looked like something straight out of a Kurusawa movie (I’m talkin’ completely wooden structures with bamboo fences, paper walls, tatami floors…the works. Really amazing.)

However, I think that something is seriously wrong with my knees. Perhaps the combined effect of lugging all of my heavy stuff across the country and now walking miles every day in the cold is starting to take its toll, but they’ve been bothering me increasingly every day since I got here…to the point where it now takes me almost five minutes to walk down the stairs to a subway. And today when I was walking down the hill in front of my apartment one of them locked up and I actually fell to the ground. Geez, I sound like my dad. A Japanese dude even asked me today why I was limping while I was walking around sightseeing. I hope it’s nothing too serious…I just can’t stand to stay indoors here!

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  1. I didn’t know how great videos could be without YOU IN THEM, but the ones you narrate rock (plus your voice sounds hot!). Keep the “grood” stuff comin’.

  2. Also, see if you can get your hands on some glucosamine chondroitin, and/or some bromelain (a proteolytic enzyme (digests proteins),and natural anti-inflammatory, derived from pineapples). (Unfortunately, I have no idea how in Sam’s Hell to say either of the former remedies…truly is an UNCLE Sam’s Hell, no? :P) Also, they might have a form of Salonpas (adhesive hot/cold patches for muscle/tendon pain) over there). Feel better!
    Love again!

  3. haha.. you’re such an old fart. already getting decrepit.. soon you’ll become senile! You could look around and see if Japan has herbal remedy stuff. I know for sure Taiwan has tons of that stuff.

    about your videos: it’s like a tour of japan, blair witch style! just kidding, I need more sleep.

  4. hi, from your old man: try putting linament on your knees right before you leave, especially if its cold outside. love you

  5. don’t die or fall down any japanese hills please. If you need an anti-inflammatory, don’t eat pineapples just take some ibuprofen 🙂

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