Apr 252013

During the course of my two months in Siem Reap, I produced dozens of pages of blog notes – quite possibly the most I’ve ever written in one place. Somehow, I just couldn’t stop writing.

Yet in favor of moving forward, I’m once again going to cut a bit short. Rather than attempting to polish a small novel’s worth of observations, I’ll post just a representative set of photos & notes to give you a glimpse of what life was like – and why I stayed for so long. Hopefully, it’ll be just enough to motivate you to go experience Cambodia for yourselves 🙂

Note: These posts are behind realtime; the above took place in February & March of 2012.

  7 Responses to “Life in Siem Reap”

  1. sounds like a chill place to catch up on life. putting Cambodia pretty high up on the “places I need visit” list…

  2. Great post. You really got the feel of Cambodia across. This is one of those posts, that lets me mentally shut out everything else and just enjoy. Thank you for the mental vacation, I really needed it today.

    • Awesome – for some reason I can never really tell which posts will come off better than others, but glad you liked it 🙂

  3. Sandals in the gym….NO!

    That pic of the chickens on the motor bike is great!

    Food looks good too

  4. Interesting read 🙂

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