Dec 242005

So, you remember my last post when I said it snowed a lot?

HAH! Shows what I know.

I was so excited when there was a little snow on the ground here in “lower Kyoto” that I decided to climb a mountain to get the full winter effect at Enryaku-ji. Little did I know what was on its way…

This Thursday, on the last day of school before winter vacation, I woke up an hour later than usual. I jumped out of bed, brushed my teeth, and refreshed my e-mail in Outlook. The following message was waiting for me:


It means that class is cancelled. On account of the snow.

Now, to many readers this may not sound so exciting…but I spent my whole life growing up in Southern California. I never even had a “rain day” as a kid, and I definitely never got to play in the snow without driving three hours to the nearest ski resort.

Upon receiving the mail, I ran downstairs and forced the door opened, pushing a good six inches of snow aside in the process. It was blowing so hard that I could barely open my eyes.

I was warned by several friends not to ride my bike on this day. “No way could I control myself in such conditions,” they said, “You won’t even be able to tell where the street starts and the sidewalk ends!”

My response?

“You only live once.”

Thankfully, the storm soon subsided and was replaced with a blue sky to make the scene even more impressive. I headed to the Rits campus to pick up some corrected homework. The grassy fields and lunch area had been replaced by snowfields, and students were having snowball fights, building snowmen, and wrestling each other in and out of every building in sight.

After some snowball-throwing and photo-taking of my own, I decided to head up to Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavilion. I’ve already been there three times during my stay in Kyoto, but Jason told me that in the snow it’s not to be missed. So I hopped on my bike, and just moments before arriving received an e-mail: Chie, Betty, and Yunyong are about to go to Kinkaku-ji. Would I like to tag along?

Sure, why not! 🙂

Jason was right. In the snow, it’s even more impressive than it was a couple of weeks ago when I visited with my mom.

After it started getting dark we agreed to take a bus downtown and get a bite to eat at Bikkuri Donkey followed by drinks at The Hub, one of Kyoto’s more popular drinking spots for foreigners. This is the first time I’ve gone out for beers in…man…2 months?

Mmmm. Beer.

However, since went by bus we couldn’t stay out later than 10:30, so we headed back to my apartment for DVD’s and convenience-store drinks! This resulted in everyone passing out until 7:30am when they caught the first bus back to the dorm. I think Friday will be a sleep-day for us all 🙂

That is, until 7pm when I’ll be heading to I-House for a “curry party” being held by one of the other foreign students.

Ah, winter vacation. Me love you long time.

  5 Responses to “Snowy EVERYTHING”

  1. Looks great!

  2. Ahhh….I am so glad that it hasn’t started to snow here in China. The cold here SUCKS though and I know that I am going to die once it starts to snow 🙁


  3. I’m jealous. Here in santa monica, it is only mildly foggy.

  4. BEAUTIFUL picture of Kinkaku-ji! I have got to see that place someday 🙂 You’re so lucky to have all that snow!

  5. Excellent Pics – as usual!
    I have a friend who will be in Japan for 2 weeks beginning 1/4 – I’m envious!

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