Sep 112007

A couple of strange/funny Japanese TV clips:

It’s the お尻齧り虫!

This clip uses a lot of puns that don’t make sense in English, which is why it seems even more wacky via the subtitles 😆

An episode of a comedy series called “The World of Golden Eggs” (which translates into Japanese as 金玉, which translates back to English as “Testicles”).

The cartoon itself probably won’t be that amusing unless you’re pretty good at Japanese and have been here for awhile…I personally think it’s hilarious.


A fairly well-known Japanese prank show called D-1 (something like Tom Green or Jackass).

This is neither funny nor Japanese, but it was so awesome I just had to post it. It’s a video of a French guy in a “roller suit” that he invented speeding down a curvy road in the Swiss Alps. Crazy. And just the type of crazy I’d love to try 😀

If you find these at all amusing, let me know – I’m always coming across weird/cool stuff on Youtube! 🙂

  4 Responses to “Japanese TV Isn’t Weird!”

  1. That oshiri kajiri mushi video is going to give me nightmares. Hehe I think the lyrics even has the word fakyu in it.

  2. This is sacrilege… and I’m talking about the Sousei no Aquarion song! Plus the original singer, AKINO is much cuter.

  3. Omg speaking of weird YouTube clips, a coworker turned me onto a very strange Japanese internet fad at work today: Apparently people have been going nuts with a VST-instrument called Delay Lama.

    From the developer’s website:
    Its advanced monophonic vocal synthesis engine enables your computer to sound just like an Eastern monk, with real-time, high resolution control over the vowel sound. What’s more, the plug-in window displays a 3D animation of a singing monk, that reacts directly to your input!

    Web nerds have been using this “tool” to create karaoke-style videos of monks OOhh-Aahh’ing to well-known Japanese tunes. Check it out:

    From the TV series 創聖のアクエリオン

    From the video game Rockman

    What the freak, man!

  4. That Golden Eggs clip was hilarious. It might interest you to know that those characters are also on all the ads for the 英語検定 tests. I always wondered what the hell was wrong with the 英検 people because the posters are covered with those weird looking people saying absolutely crazy nonsense. Now I know. Thank you for easing my mind, Justin.

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