Jun 302008

Wow…two fairly serious injuries in one week. What’s up with that?

Since I have a total of exactly two months between the conclusion of my Middle East trip and my departure for Japan, I’ve been trying as hard as possible to get in 5-6 solid workouts a week. To get back in shape in a hurry. As usual. And also as usual, sometimes that translates into pushing just a little bit harder than I probably should.

Last Thursday was one such day.

It was going fine until my last set of deadlifts when I apparently tore something on the left side of my lower back. It took five or ten minutes before I could even stand up straight, and I couldn’t bend over at the hip for a good few days. Thankfully it seems to be recovering very quickly, and I figured I’d be back in there within a week.

That is until last night. At around 11pm I jumped out of bed to grab a drink of water from the kitchen. I jumped out of bed…and right onto a nailfile that impaled my foot a good 2 inches deep. That sucked. But what sucked even worse was hopping across the room to the lightswitch and pulling it out as the jagged file scraped along my foot’s inner flesh. Two inches of inner flesh. Even with half a pill of morphine the pain was throbbing up to my knee for most of the night.

I don’t know how the hell those action heroes can keep fighting the bad guys after getting stabbed, shot, and beaten for a solid 90 minutes 😆

Thankfully, nothing vital seems to have been torn – I can still move all my toes and everything. I’ve just got to hope that nothing gets infected. There is one thing I can tell you for certain, though: the day after an injury like that, walking is no picnic.

Good thing I don’t have any health insurance :roll:

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  2. if you really TORE something on the lower side of your back, I doubt you’d be back in the gym within a week or 10 days. This means 2 things. Either you didn’t actually tear something (though i suppose it could be the slightest of tears) OR I hope you don’t actually get back to the gym and REALLY do some damage.

  3. Dude, you probably had a disc prolapse/spinal disk herniation.


    This usually means that one of the spinal disks will slide out of place for a brief second and then slide back. As it does, a tiny bit of liquid will be present in the area, and it will irritate the nerves there. If possible, keep on moving immediately after the incident unless the pain is persistent. This will make the liquid go away faster. Sometimes when people get it bad or a lot they will also feel a strange pain kinda tickling down the legs.

  4. Do you stretch or warm up or both before you lift?

  5. Speaking of deadlifts, wow:


    Check out that bending bar

  6. Hey incidentally what exactly is the point of doing deadlifts? It looks like it uses mainly the lower back muscles… so is that part of getting the overall V shape?

  7. You’ll have to put a new tab on the header of your blog – “Horrific Klein injuries”

  8. Andy: You know how it is when you lock yourself in a room for long periods – stuff starts to pile up 😉 Like when you used to get sick in college. That’s pretty much what I’ve been doing lately with work: locking myself in my room coding for days on end, popping out only briefly for workouts and to soak up a bit of sunlight in the back yard 😛

    Jeff: I guess it wasn’t a tear after all…but it REALLY felt like it at the time. Very weird/painful…

    Pedro: Nope, couldn’t be – it was well to one side of the spine, in the thick of the muscle tissue, like just above the left side of the pelvis.

    Noz: Yeah…but not nearly as much as I should.

    Deadlifts are probably the best overall core exercise, hitting a ton of central muscle groups – lower back, hamstrings, quads, etc. they’re not for V-shape…more for developing overall power and support. They also great for developing the smaller muscles to help with other exercises (i.e. grip).

    Dave: Have there been many others? Just when I fell off my bike in Japan that time…? 😛

  9. Ouch, sorry man…

    Hey be careful with deadlifts, you can easily damage your body that way.

  10. Yeah…great benefits at great risks, I suppose…

  11. Your Dad’s finger recently . . and remember when your Auntie V cut her hand WIDE open? And Jason’s spiral fractured ankle?

  12. NO health insurance???

  13. Oh yes – welcome to America. Pay $100 a month so a visit to the dentist “only” costs $100 instead of $200? No thanks…I’d rather go anywhere else in the world and pay $20 for that same visit.

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