Nov 212008

I’m currently sitting in a net cafe in QingDao waiting for my 3pm train to Jinan, the transport hub between here and Shijiazhuang.

I’d hoped to spend the next few hours catching up on Korea blogs so I could get back to posting in realtime – but unfortunately the cigarette smoke is so thick that I can barely breathe, let alone think 😮

So…Talk to you all from inland China.

P.S. It’s getting COLD over here!!
P.P.S. The guy sitting in front of me is currently looking at some pretty horrible pornography. I think it’s time for me to leave now…

  6 Responses to “Quick Update: In Qingdao”

  1. I love reading your blog and following you around the world. Than you.

  2. bleh, indoor smoking! yuuuuck.

    i like that you took the time to mention the guy’s sketchy internet viewing 🙂

  3. David: And thank you for reading!

    Linda: Haha yeah…well it was kindof hard to miss 😛

  4. Was it as bad as my roomate at UCSB?

  5. That, my friend, I don’t believe is possible 😆

  6. LOL….welcome to the cleanest country in the world 😉

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