May 032008

Since Peder left, I’ve been generally staying indoors trying to catch up on all the personal stuff I wasn’t able to do during the first half of this trip. My general tactic for remaining productive and preventing distraction is to put in headphones, but every once in awhile I can’t help popping them out and socializing a bit.

One of the reasons I love hosteling is because it’s so easy to meet so many different interesting people. My last three roomates here in Tel Aviv:

1) The son of a diplomat in the Dominican Republic, who not only has a diplomatic passport, but diplomatic immunity in several countries. He’s currently living in Jordan and learning Arabic, intending to take a job for the state department after reaching fluency. Having two passports is incredibly useful in the Middle East as most of the Arab countries won’t allow entry to anyone who’s ever been to Israel. With two passports, it’s not a problem – use one for Israel and the other for everywhere else.

2) An ex-member of the Chinese Triads who, through a personal relationship with his boss, managed to sever his gang ties and rediscover himself as a devout Christian.

3) One of the fastest guitar shredders in the world – a bit of an eccentric who’s clearly done a lot of drugs in his lifetime, but a nice guy nevertheless.

4) An full-time Australian backpacker who calls himself Temu, an abbreviation for Temujin, Genghis Khan’s birthname. “We question everything else our parents teach us, why is it that we never question our names? We just live our lives, satisfied with the label someone else selected for us?”

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  1. sounds like fun

  2. Digging the photos. I like the contrast of the past (roughly) 6 months’ photos – cityscape, rain forest, desert. It really is quite incredible and I am jealous.

  3. Yeah, it really has been a ridiculous contrast. When I left Japan I never expected to be on the road this long…but somehow I just keep finding myself on plane after plane 😉

  4. wandering jew?

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