Feb 272009

I added a new item to the Travellog page for the recently concluded trip: “Asia 2008.” This time, I didn’t bother linking each marker to the related blog posts; I figure barely anybody is actually looking at them anyway, and with the amount of traveling I’ve done lately it’s probably more bother than it’s worth.

I also upgraded WP to the latest version (2.7.1), migrated my Feedburner account over to Google (due to the recent acquisition), and brought a bunch of plugins up-to-date. As usual, please notify me if you see anything weird.

In addition, I finally implemented a new Flash-based media player for the Videos page (as per Andy’s request…er…demand 😆 ). Previous videos for which I could find the original DV projects have been converted to Flash, but the rest remain as .WMV’s – the loss in quality from recompression would be too great.

Example of the new player: Here.

From now on all videos will be Flash (with the exception of two more from China that I’ve prepared but not yet posted). You can see the format of each video next to its listing on the videos page itself.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I’m still not finished catching up with the China posts. Sorry about that. Both Peder and I have been working really hard towards getting out an initial beta of our mutual software project (the details of which I’ll announce once we’re closer to release). Add on Chinese class, daily trips to the gym (I’d reckon I’m about 20% recovered from my fitness losses in Asia), and a few days for accounting (don’t even get me started on the idiotic tax system in this country :roll: ), and you’ve got one busy Justin.

I’ll finish up whenever possible.

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    Can’t wait to see the China video….I watched the skiing one a few days ago with some friends, and they all cracked up 🙂

  2. …And yet, the video only barely does justice to the reality 🙂

    Just out of curiosity, did you ever show it to Leo?

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