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Thursday night was our first real night out.

With a small bit of Peder-style sweet talking, he managed to convince Silvia to free me of my promise that I wouldn’t return with him to his hostel, so we walked over to his little favela and inside. I was shocked to find that the hostel felt just like an ancient European castle, d├ęcor and all. Pretty strange considering the shanty little stalls selling pirated DVD’s and marijuana right next door.

After waiting the requisite hour for him to get ready (:P), the three of us headed out with Christian, an Argentinian friend he’d made in the common room. First stop was a small local bar where we toasted and shared a beer with some toothless old Brazilians. Perhaps I should be more careful and suspicious when going out in the city at night; Silvia thinks I’m absolutely crazy to be walking on the streets when I’m so obviously a tourist; but after all, you only live once.

Soon we proceeded to the entrance to Christian’s night club of choice. Le Boy. Um, nah. “Wait, you guys aren’t gay? Sorry…yeah, you might not want to come to this club then.”

So we just pre-partied with some of his “buddies” at another small bar next door and headed off on our quest to find a venue more suitable to our tastes.

More wandering the streets at night!

We first tried a club in Leblon that wanted to charge 80 reais at the door. Yeah, right. Suspecting we were being offered the “foreigner discount,” we met some Brazilian girls in line and asked them to negotiate on our behalf. Nope, 80 reais.

Next we headed to a spot that required ID, of which Peder had none.

But you know what they say…”Third time’s a charm!” We ended up staying the night in a two-story nightclub called Mariuzinn that was packed to the rafters. They wanted ID also, but said that a blurry photograph of an expired SCUBA license would suffice. Gotta love South America!

Man, after seeing how the young Brazilians party, I believe I can sum up this society in one simple word.


Speaking of night life, it’s absolutely amazing every night of the week here, provided the weather is fair. It seems like no matter where I am there are bars literally spilling out onto the streets with customers. And I’m talking 3am on a Wednesday.

They also have a very interesting way of paying. Typically you’ll pay nothing at the door; instead, each customer is given a small credit card (or paper checklist at lower-tech places), and when you order something, they swipe the card (or check a checkbox). Then you pay at the end, including the cover charge.

Just don’t lose the card, or you’ll end up paying hundreds of dollars.

I don’t even want to think what could happen if you loose the card and have less than “hundreds of dollars” on you at the time…

  4 Responses to “First Night Out”

  1. Lol scuba license!

  2. Wow, don’t get murdered.

  3. Hey Justin, if you ever want to go out drinking but don’t have much money, go to a gay club. I did that a couple of times in SD, and it’s not at all threatening. Just tell them you’re straight right off the bat (hell, they probably know already) and it’s aa cheap night. Lesbian bars are bad though – they’ll try to pick fights with you – a lose-lose scenario

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