Jun 202010

As you may’ve noticed from my travellog, these once-a-day posts are actually quite far behind realtime; I’ve already made my way through Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, Moldova, and much of Ukraine.

In fact, every post you’ve read over the past month or so was written and pre-published before Peder and I met up in Belgrade on June 4th. Since then, I’ve not had time to finalize even one more post…

…And based on our rapid pace of travel, doubt I’ll be able to do so anytime soon 😛

So while I will do my best to keep the narrative going, I just wanted to put out a warning that the frequent updates may be put on pause until a little farther down the line. Don’t worry, I’ve been keeping extremely detailed notes and will be able to come back and fill in the blanks…just as soon as time permits 🙂

  13 Responses to “Falling Behind”

  1. Living life is more important than recording it. Have fun now. Write later

  2. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of shenanigans now 😉

  3. i disagree with you andrew. it is justins obligation to keep us advised, not for him to enjoy himself.

  4. Hehe…well…I will get around to writing about it sometime. I wish I could stay current as I go, but when traveling in a pair the time just seems to disappear! 😛

  5. what Justin’s dad said is very funny,haha!

  6. Time for an update!

  7. Time for about fifty of them… 😛

    Looking forward to seeing you, your pictures and hearing/reading about all your adventures!

  9. Nice advice, Andy 🙂

    Like you might have noticed from my FB page: “The ones who has lived life is not the ones who has lived for a century but the ones who have lived every second”. Plenty of antics coming up 😀

  10. Mine is: “The world is too magnificent and life is too short to spend it all in one place“…though I think that applies more to Americans, hehe 😛

  11. Why would people wanna spend all their time in one place?

  12. Interesting…

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