May 242011

As luck would have it, a small local street carnival was taking place just a few blocks from our Krabi guesthouse – so after making our way home from Ao Nang, we popped out for a bite.

Herb had done a quick walk-through the previous night while I stayed home catching up on emails, and he said there was something we just had to try.


Travel is all about trying new things…and for us, the consumption of grasshoppers and maggots would definitely be something new.

Our analysis: most of them weren’t half-bad! Almost like BBQ chips or something.

The one and only exception was the huge white maggot shown 2 photos above; it was full of hot, pus-like liquid that would explode in your mouth the moment you bite down. Lucky for me, Herb ended up with the only one of those 😆

The rest of the time we spent strolling around, tasting every type of food we could get our hands on and shopping for a bit of “backup party bling” (aka necklaces, rings, etc).

Krabi really is astonishingly cheap, even in comparison to the rest of Thailand. You could get necklaces for 80c, drinks were like 20c, and a big skewer of yakitori-style meat or fish was rarely over 30c. My kinda place 🙂

  10 Responses to “Eating Bugs”

  1. still gross

  2. “full of hot, pus-like liquid that would explode in your mouth the moment you bite down”

    I think I just threw up in my mouth a little from that description alone! Very descriptive 🙂

  3. Glad you are willing to try this stuff. wish I were there

  4. V: Can’t knock it till ya try it 😉

    Linda: Hahaha…then I guess I was successful!

    Andy: Yep. Dog soup, donkey burgers, chicken assholes, fried insects, you name it I’ll try it 😆

  5. Lol, from a programmer’s point of view, that’s a point in your life where you don’t mind bugs 😀 I personally found them quite tasty. Like weirdo potato chips.

  6. Weirdo potato chips – exactly!

  7. “and he said there was something we just had to try.” Thought you were going to say “join a beauty pageant”, since the comment was right next to the photo.

    Jerk, you still have to eat one maggot in my presence for backing down. There, I named it, so now you MUST try it. 😛

    And the liquid wasn’t hot, it was just too much. I don’t expect my fried snacks to be half-filled with juice.

  8. Whoops!!!! Haha for some reason I thought this was a private post – my NSFW comment reply has been deleted, and I shall simply say….

    “Never!” 😛

  9. Haha, that previous comment will remain starred in my inbox forever. FOREVER.

  10. Hahah and I actually revised it once after you got that notification to make it even more offensive. Thankfully, only “private friends” are subscribed to this thread – except for Linda. Sorry Linda! 😉

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