Feb 192005

imageFor no apparent reason, after finishing today’s Kanji study I decided that I wanted to hear the Metal Gear Solid 2 soundtrack. But instead of heading out to my local CD rental store (you can rent audio CD’s just like DVD’s here) I decided to take the lazy/cheap approach and just search for it online. After not too long, I stumbled on an FTP with a file called “e3.avi”. What could it be? Could it be…some Russian guy’s home made video of his trip out to LA for E3?? Yes, it could!

E3 is the electronic entertainment industry’s biggest annual convention. In addition to the video games they have movie stars, live concerts, athletes, models, and just about anything else you can imagine. The last two years alone we saw Snoop Dogg, Anna Nicole Smith, Gary Coleman, Vin Diesel, Tony Hawk, Jurassic 5, and Elijah Wood there. It’s basically a playground for guys…and it’s HUGE!

The original video was really long, complete with his flight from Russia to LA, a bunch of interviews about random games and products, and so on…but some of his shots in Santa Monica (where I’m from) and Downtown LA made me really remember what I left behind when I took off for Japan.

Even more striking, though, were the shots of the convention itself. He really managed to capture the excitement of walking into a place like that. It’s a feeling you really can’t describe unless you’ve seen it…but it hits you like a ton of bricks the first time. Well, a good ton of bricks 🙂

If you’re interested I put a shortened version of it online HERE. I wanted to keep a copy for myself, but since the version I downloaded had all of that extra garbage I decided to hack it up a bit (notice: I don’t speak Russian, so if any of you out there do, I’m WELL aware that the narration probably doesn’t make sense anymore since I screwed with the video…) I got this version down to five and a half minutes.

imageAlso HERE is a link to the photo gallery of my friends and I at last year’s e3. If you check it out after watching the video I’m sure you’ll find a lot of those spots familiar 🙂 Man, good times! Too bad I’ll be missing 2005’s convention…but then it’s not like I don’t have plenty to see and do around here.

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