Nov 262008

I love Dell.

The main reason I keep buying from them is they just have the most fantastic warranty I’ve ever experienced.

Here I am in the middle of nowhere, China. The AC adapter to my laptop blows. I call them up. While I’m at it, I mention a little piece of plastic that’s chipped off the side of the casing. So what do they do?

The next day a Chinese guy knocks on Andy’s door with a new power adapter and a new plastic casing, he unscrews the laptop, and replaces the parts right in front of me. The bill? $0. It’s all covered under the warranty.


I’m dying without a cell phone out here. Does anyone wanna be nice and buy me an HTC Touch Pro? Pleeease? 🙂

  3 Responses to “Dell Warranty”

  1. That guy was funny….he took EVERYTHING in your laptop apart without blinking an eye 🙂

  2. You ARE the savvy shopper. Just like your Mom.

  3. I try 🙂

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