Oct 152011

My dad’s here!

This is officially the first time we’ve traveled together overseas in nearly four years – since he came to visit when I was still living in Japan.

I arranged a car to pick him up at the airport, which turned up just before 11pm. He checked in and immediately hit the sack while I stayed up going through the stuff I asked him to bring 😉 A big bag of goodies from home, everything from Western deodorant and protein bars to a new controller board for the GPR equipment I develop. Then I knocked out too. After a hard night at Temple Bar I really needed the rest, as tomorrow we’ve got a long day of walking – the plan is to knock off all remaining Hanoi tourism before starting our cross-country motorcycle adventure first thing the following morning.

This should be great 🙂

Note: These posts are behind realtime; the above took place on Sunday, May 1st.

  4 Responses to “Dad’s Here!”

  1. let the games begin

  2. Heck ya! Motorcycling Vietnam sounds epic!

  3. coool….can’t wait for the motorcycle posts

  4. Cool 🙂

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