Apr 082011

Haadrin at night is so many worlds away from Haadrin during the day it’s almost hard to believe.

What had just hours before been a lazy, hippie-feeling backpacker town had transformed into a bucket-fueled rave, where you can scarcely walk the streets without getting swept into an overflowing beachfront disco.

Wall-to-wall bars blast full-volume tunes, each trying to drown out their neighbor and bring in that one extra tourist for a few last-minute rounds before sending them off to the sandy coast below.

There, the scene only gets wilder.

Huge tuba-like contraptions launch clouds of foam over the crowds, waves crash over couples frolicking in the sand, and groups dance on tables until their legs can hold them no more.

All the while, flame and ash rains down from the huge burning jump-ropes that’ve somehow become a symbol of the Thai Full Moon Party.

It’s an endless orgy of pure undeniable sin. And it happens every night of the week.

Welcome…to Koh Phangan.

  9 Responses to “Crazy Haadrin”

  1. Woah! Sounds crazy! What is going on in that jump rope photo?

  2. Sounds like a blast!

  3. Andy: It’s just a huge, burning jumprope. Moronic idea – you have no idea how many people had burns on their backs/legs/etc!

    Pedro: As always! 😉

  4. I’d easily do the jumprope! Oh wait, maybe that would explain the battle damage I always seem to come home with after partying with you 😛

  5. Haha I wouldn’t even be confident in my ability to jumprope normally…so when it comes to one soaked in kerosene and burning on fire, I say “hell no!” 😛

  6. Man Thailand looks insane. I want to go! Beautiful women to I hear.

  7. Yeah dude…it’s a-ma-zing! I’ve spent 3 full months in Thailand now, and just can’t get enough 🙂 Flying off to Vietnam tomorrow tho, as my current visa is about to run out…

  8. I need to use that face in more photos.

  9. The no guns one is still better 😛

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