Dec 072010

Man what an amazing city! I’d easily rank Copenhagen in my top 3 for the entire trip: Kiev, Mostar, and Copenhagen.

It’s truly magnificent, something like a “Scandinavian Paris” due to its decorative buildings, ancient churches, endless statues and sprawling green parks.

The main squares and promenades overflow with people as talented musicians perform on nearly every corner. And just like each Danish city I’ve thus far visited, it’s absolutely spotless.

Plus, Copenhagen’s tourist infrastructure is no less than astounding: its state-of-the-art office is packed with information easily accessible via its touch-screen computers; free maps in every language describe routes throughout the city; and of course, dedicated bike lanes make it simple to get around.

Well thought-out signs guide you to points of interest – and even if you do get lost, someone always stops to offer their help. Without having to be asked.

Perhaps I’m starting to sound like a broken record, but I once again found myself seriously wishing for a lot more time. Maybe it’s just something about Denmark: thus far, there hasn’t been a single city I haven’t loved.

The only problem – the only thing keeping me from labeling Copenhagen “the perfect destination” – would have to be cost. It’s an issue throughout Scandinavia, whose capital cities consistently rank among the world’s most expensive. And while this might not bother some, it certainly makes long-term budget travel a much bigger hassle; expect to shop only in markets and to carry your own food, or be prepared for your budget to skyrocket.

The first half of the day we spent planning our trip back to Oslo, so we didn’t start sightseeing until mid-afternoon.

But once we did get started the going was good. We followed the free city map’s walking tour, which took us past churches, fortresses, shopping streets, parks, and bustling squares. It was our first day of tourism since Ukraine.

The extensive route kept us busy straight through till sunset, when we headed across town towards the day’s real adventure: a spot Peder had been waiting to take me for the past several weeks. Yet another unusual, twilight-zone micro-ecosystem stuck in the middle of a country it’s nothing alike.


(One little note: Is it just me, or does it seem like half of Copenhagen’s population is tourists? Some of the cities I’ve visited on this trip – like Budapest – never really felt touristy; but here, every other person seems to be buying a souvenir or riding a silly bike-rickshaw.)

(…Though I guess that would make sense. What else would you expect in a clean, beautiful, tourist-friendly city…but lots and lots of tourists! 🙂

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  1. The weather looks awesome 🙂

  2. Hehe ironic you should say that…because it was actually one of the cloudiest days in nearly a week! I was just trying to get at least some patches of blue sky in every photo… 🙂

  3. …because most of the photos taken the previous six days were from the night 😛

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