Mar 162006

When I first started getting ready to leave for Japan, I thought to myself “Hey, you know what would be cool? I should get myself one of them Internet blogs to keep in touch with everyone back home!”

So with literally no knowledge of web programming, I took a couple of Dreamweaver examples and started hacking up the code to make it look how I wanted. I knew even then that I was doing a terrible job – nothing validated and there were browser conflicts/bugs left and right. At the time, I was okay with it. All I wanted was a place where I could jot down my adventures, and what I ended up with served that purpose well enough.

But as my reader-base grew over the past year I found myself applying Band-Aid after Band-Aid to keep things running. Now that I’m back in the US without spectacular temples and hyperactive Tokyos to divert my attention, I’ve decided that it’s time to sit down and teach myself php, css, and html…and re-code this entire site from the ground up.

And while much of the content probably looks pretty similar to how it did before, virtually everything under the hood is new. Everything validates, much more of the page content is dynamically generated, a number of security holes have been fixed, there’s only one version of the photo zoom css in use, etc, etc.

In addition, I migrated my blog from b2evolution to WordPress – a MUCH better Content Management System – and upgraded the Gallery to version 2.0 (which stores everything in SQL databases rather than data files).

That’s why I’ve been slacking with my posts; I didn’t want to put any new content onto the old site while I was in the middle of migrating everything over. Now that the migration is finished, I should have my next travel entry up within a day.

Obviously since this is my first real web programming project there are bound to be some problems, so as always if you catch anything – from a dead link to an unviewable page to a picture that doesn’t display properly – please let me know. I want this to be the permanent version of my blog, so I’d like to keep it as bug free as possible.

And don’t forget to update your bookmarks as much of the directory structure has changed.

Thanks for hanging in there everyone~

  4 Responses to “Complete Website Overhaul”

  1. Much needed….good job,


    (Please install the spell check pluging. Under Worpress 2.0 it won’t work in the admin section when you write posts, but it will work for us when we write comments)

  2. In your recent comments section, markup in title is showing up as part of the title text instead of just being applied

  3. You might want to check your site for broken links, there were a handful in the blog section.

  4. Thanks for the heads up…I’ll look into it…

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