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Now that I’m working independently, I’m looking seriously at registering an S-Corp for both tax and liability purposes. The only real thing that’s held me back from doing it sooner is that I haven’t come up with a good name. I’ve put some thought into it but nothing has really jumped out as “THAT’s what I want my company to be called!” So I thought I’d reach out to you guys for ideas.

Here’s been my thought process so far:

First, this company name will be what I print on all the business cards that I hand out while networking with people internationally…so as much as possible, it should be easy to remember, easy to spell, and not too long or complicated. People should be able to go home and type it into Google from memory if necessary. Peder recommended that using things like alliteration or rhyme tend to make words memorable (i.e. names like CodeCat, BitKit, etc).

If possible the name should relate loosely to the type of work I’ll do – high-tech/computer/programming/software/etc – while not being too limiting. For example, if I choose a name that implies one contract programmer, what happens if in several years I expand and start working with a larger team?

In addition to high-tech, words could be drawn from “Justin,” “Klein,” or other concepts that relate to me in some way – Japan, traveling, etc.

One concept that struck me as pretty cool the other day is that of Japanese homophones. Particularly, a friend came up with a name that took advantage of multiple meanings for two words with the same reading (If you’re interested, here’s an interesting article on the complexities of Japanese homophones – crazy!)

For me, the real challenge is just to come up with a name that doesn’t sound too cheesy. Any tips or ideas? Please?

Much appreciated!

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  1. Call it “Bustin Time”

  2. here’s the mental outpouring of 5 minutes cheesyness


    Klein means “small/micro” in German… so… Kleinsofuto? 😉


    something with 俊 always sounds competent


    General Coders

    Justech (argh)

    CFF (code for food)

    Ramen Code (in contrast to spaghetti code)

    Code Matters

    JustInTime (haha)

    ACME Corp.

    極才隊 (at least by now it’s evident I’m just randomly creating new Kanji combinations)

    Actually, you’re not looking for a name, but for a brand name for your services. Brands have several “aspects”, not only the word, but also form (Apple symbol), a color (magenta T-com), sound (Intel “tadada-didam”) and a “brand-world” (smoking cowboys), sometimes even in addition to that, character (a celebrity donating his image to a product), haptic and olfactoric aspects (with parfumes i.e.). Not an easy decision. Even more, because you have to consider finding something that is easy to read and recognizable on screen as well as print. You’re competing with a certain group of service contractors, so look around first, what’s on the market. The next step: Find something that’s in sharp contrast to the rest. You want to stand out, right? There’s a horribly long list of aspects you could consider when deciding a company name.
    Who do you plan to work for, who’s your target group?
    Where are you going to work, Japan/US/etc.?
    Is the company name easy to translate in each language?
    What exactly do you have to offer?
    Why are you better than anybody else?
    What are you doing differently?
    Why should customers choose your offer over others?
    How do your past customers perceive you?
    How should your customers perceive you?
    How do you see yourself?
    What kind of an image/brand do you want to create?

    Umm, I think I got carried away a little here… good luck. If everything else fails, try 😉

  3. the name is really the least important part, but something that most people stress way too much over. Just pick one and stick with it

  4. Thanx for the tips! I’ll add ’em to my list as I keep pondering…er…next time I return to pondering.

    For now, I’m sitting in a cafe in Tokushima watching crowds of mind-numbingly beautiful women pass by in full kimono as they get ready to spend the next 8 hours dancing through the streets.

    It’s great to be back.

  5. Some ideas:
    Sensei JK
    No Gomi
    Ultra Mega Computer Wizard
    Microsoft (might be taken)
    Bytes and Biceps
    Awk Hawk
    Zorch Corp

  6. Bytecepts (bytes+concepts, maybe too hard to spell)

    Go with “Ultra global hyper mega net!”

  7. Flancrest Enterprises!

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