Jun 102011

A quick tip for any other world traveler/fitness enthusiasts out there: Celebrity Fitness in Malaysia is the best gym I’ve seen anywhere outside the United States – let alone Asia, which is notorious for some pretty lackluster facilities.

With every machine you could imagine, dumbbells up to 60kg, and – remarkably – no excessive overemphasis on cardio, it’s easily as good as any 24 Hour Fitness or Gold’s. Highly recommended!

Since I’d finished my day’s motorbike tour a bit earlier than planned I figured I’d stop by on the way home…and when I learned that they even offer a free 7-day trial, it was a no-brainer. I zipped back to the hotel to change and returned for a solid 2 hour workout, right up until they kicked me out at midnight.

Man did that feel good 😎

(And as an unexpected little bonus, I even had a few spotters – a group of friendly Swedes who I’d met on my first day in the country. We ran into each other moments after stepping off the bus from Thailand, and chatted on our way to the ATM. I assumed I’d probably never run into them again, but just a few days later guess who was already signing up for a week-long trial membership of their own. What are the odds? :))

Note: These posts are behind realtime; the above took place on Tuesday, January 18th.

  4 Responses to “Celebrity Fitness”

  1. Cool!

  2. sounds like a cool place

  3. We should write a gym travel guide. Future app idea!

  4. Yep, I’ve actually thought of it – just on the blog though (i.e. like my “apartment hunting in Bangkok” guide). You know me though…always way too far behind to think about adding new types of content 😛

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