May 122008

I just got back from an afternoon of freediving in the Red Sea.

Holy crap. The underwater scenery out there is absolutely stunning. I haven’t done a lot of diving in my life, but to me this is the kind of stuff that’s just too wild to be true. The coral alone would’ve been well worth the trip – I’ve never seen such a brilliance of colors – and the underwater life made it just indescribable.

First off, these coral reefs are literally a stone’s throw from the beach. After grabbing a quick $4 pizza from one of Dahab’s many waterfront eateries, Mike and I picked up our masks and fins and stepped directly into the water. One minute later we reached a shelf, where the shallow coral just ends and drops down into the clearest, deepest blue water I’ve ever seen (outside of a swimming pool). It’s on the side of this shelf that the life is so amazing. Lionfish, bright red rockfish, clownfish, spearfish, eels, sea anemone, sea urchins, and puffer fish the size of a small dog. Massive schools of bright orange fish dart right past you, eels pop their heads out of their holes to see what’s going on, and light purple jellyfish pulsate through the water. It’s a world that no words can describe. Mike spent nearly a year in Australia diving in the Great Barrier Reef, and his first words to me when we stepped out of the water were:

“Dude, you’re f’ed. You realize you’re never gonna find diving this good, anywhere.”


  4 Responses to “Brilliant Colors”

  1. awesome….except about your camera. You seem to have camera troubles on all your travels!

  2. Yeah dude…it’s really ridiculous. I can’t even tell you how pissed I am, every time I actually want to use the underwater case my SD1000 freakin’ dies and the case therefore becomes useless.

    I think this may have been the last straw. I’ve been using Canon’s for 10 years, but if the damn things are this unreliable it may finally be time to look elsewhere…

  3. I agree with the snorkeling, but you should try Malaysia and Indonesia too. Way better than Australia, which is kinda hyped up because of the Great Barrier Reef.

  4. Yeah…I heard the Great Barrier Reef isn’t nearly as good as it used to be as most of it’s died/bleached due to global warming… 😥

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