Sep 162010

Although there are countless bars and clubs lining Arcadia’s bustling promenade, two in particular stand out from the rest: Ibiza and Itaca. These are the famous megaclubs, the names you’ll invariably hear if you ask, “Where should I go for the best night out in Odesa?”

Our plan for Friday evening was to spend an hour or two roaming the streets, socializing, getting the lay of the land, and working on our buzz before committing the remainder of the night to one of these two hotspots. And although we’d learned (from our third police shakedown of the day) that we would have to scrap the “working on our buzz” part of the plan, we figured we might as well risk spending some time on the street anyway.

So which club did we end up patronizing on our first Friday in Odesa?


We barely finished one lap of the area before an extremely lucky and unexpected opportunity presented itself.

From behind a fence on the far side of the promenade, a single Ukrainian girl called out with a smile, reaching towards our bunny ears. She didn’t speak a word of English – but luckily, some of her friends did. Just behind her, in a private hotel courtyard, was a table populated by no less than eleven rowdy locals. They were out to celebrate their first day as new University graduates, and when they learned that we were English-speaking travelers, they instantly invited us to join.

…And people wonder why we wear bling 😀

We ended up hanging with this group until nearly 5am, when they started packing up their snacks and Ukrainian vodka…not to go home, but to head to the coast for a quick swim under a beautiful orange sunrise.

The water was as warm as a heated swimming pool.

Once again, I owe it to Peder for convincing me to stay out. A day that started with not one, not two, but four police shakedowns – ended with my first dip in the Black Sea under a rising sun and eleven new local friends.

Every day’s an adventure when you’re living on the road 🙂

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  1. sounds awesome!

  2. this is why you push til the very end 😉

  3. Haha exactly! 😉

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