Feb 082011

After quitting my job as a game programmer in Japan, I was presented with the task of once again packing up my life and moving it overseas. So I posted an ad on a Kyoto messageboard for some secondhand appliances. Stefan, an expat who just happened to be from Los Angeles, responded. Although he didn’t end up buying my crappy old fridge, we exchanged info and ended up becoming friends, reconnecting during my subsequent visit to Kyoto and even once in LA when he returned to visit his dad.

Then, later that year, Stefan decided to move to Bangkok. It’s thanks to this move – coupled with his knack for personal networking – that Herb and I had such an unforgettable week in the city.

Before we even arrived, Stefan invited us to join a private Facebook group composed of him and some of his expat friends. It turned out to be one of the most amazing connections one could hope for; this group of 9 or 10 guys seemed to have hookups in every facet of nightlife throughout the city, from private yacht parties to VIP rooftop celebrity events to wild glow-in-the-dark raves. Literally a new and unique invite every night of the week.

A big thanks to Stefan for the invitation, and to the rest of the crew for accepting us into their group so quickly. I can’t even imagine how our stay would’ve been without you guys.

(Well, actually I can: not even half as fun :P)

Knowing this, it’s probably little surprise that our week in Bangkok was more or less a flurry of nonstop party: an Asian-ized repeat of our two summertime trips to Vegas. Although I typically do try to strike a balance between going out at night and waking up early for tourism, in this case my rationale was a bit different. I figured that, well, I was here on a one-way ticket, and therefore could easily return to Bangkok to do some more off-the-beaten-path tourism another time. For now, better to take as much advantage of having a great nightlife wingman as possible. Herb could unfortunately only stay for a month.

So as mentioned at the conclusion of my previous post, the fun started barely 5 minutes after my arrival. I checked into Swan Inn, stuck the SIM card Herb left into my phone, and dialed his number.

J: “Hey dude…Sorry, I’m totally exhausted – haven’t slept in 3 days. I really have to get some rest.”
H: “Whatever; just start getting ready. We’ll be there to pick you up in 10.”


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  1. That’s the spirit 😀

  2. I’ve never known alcohol to NOT cure fatigue. 😛

  3. HAHAHA….sounds awesome

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