Nov 162010

At one point during our brisk tour of Oslo, Peder and I stopped in a local park for lunch. Because eating out is insanely expensive in Norway, he’s made a habit of always preparing his own meals before heading out for the day. Our quick-and-easy meal: three homemade fried egg sandwiches.

As we sat on the park bench chewing away, a man rode up on a bicycle out of nowhere. He stopped directly in front of me, looked me in the eyes, and asked “Are you Justin?”

Normally when someone recognizes us out of the blue it’s because we met them while out partying on a previous evening. This has happened countless times already; the most recent of which was just a couple weeks earlier in Odesa. As we walked into the church shown here, a young man ran up and announced “Hey, I saw you partying at Arcadia Beach two days ago!”

But in this case, I’m pretty sure we didn’t meet any 70-something-year-old Norwegians in a late night Ukrainian nightclub.

Well, as you may’ve already guessed, he turned out to be Peder’s father (…so maybe I wasn’t totally honest when I finished the last post by saying we met for the first time at dinner). It just so happened that he spotted Peder his way to the gym and decided to come to give me a little surprise.

Well played, good sir…well played indeed 🙂

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  1. hey man, why u left kyoto? i have read u wanted to live there. then u got a job there and a gf, but then i couldnt find the part why u left…

    can u please explain?

    and u work now freelance from your netbook?

    please send me an email, i am curious to know 🙂 i visited roughly the same countries like u and plan now to go 1st time to japan/kyoto.

    steven from california, now germany

  2. Wasn’t Peder with you eating sandwiches?
    “Peder and I stopped in a local park for lunch”

  3. @Steven: I left because I really don’t like the Japanese corporate/working culture. Japanese culture = yes; Japanese business culture = no 😛

    @Andy: Yeah! Like I said, that’s how he knew to came up – he spotted Peder (and I) and decided to come over and try to surprise me.

  4. …and I decided to play along acting like I’d never seen the chap before 🙂

  5. I probably should’ve said “Well played good sirs” instead of “good sir” 🙂

  6. darn, from the title of this post, I was expecting someone to have recognized you from being a reader of this blog. That’d be quite awesome.

  7. Actually, that’s how I met Osaka Matt! Did u know that? We were both at the bar in Club Pure, and he looked over & said exactly that: “Hey, are you Justin?” 🙂

  8. OH right! And I’m glad you did, because that’s the only reason I had so many friends in Osaka. 😀

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