Feb 072008

Just a brief little thing I forgot to mention:

During our first sunny day in Rio, Peder, Dave and I found ourselves sipping coconut milk at a little kiosk by Ipanema Beach. The coasts of Rio are lined with such kiosks, selling beer, caipirinas, and coconuts.

After not long, an absolutely stunningly beautiful Brazilian woman came up and said “Hi, where are you from?”

She turned out to be a reporter for a Sao Paolo news channel who wanted a brief interview. I spoke on camera for a few minutes, snapped a photo or two, and we said goodbye.

A few minutes later the street vendors started coming by to pawn their wares. I guess the commotion got their attention and reminded them that there were tourists with fat wallets about. The first one who came up was selling Rio De Janerio license plates with names printed on them. He walked right up to David and showed him a “David” license plate.

Justin: “Whoa, how’d you know his name was David??”
Street Vendor: “He looks like a David!”
J: “Yeah, right…c’mon, you must’ve overheard us talking to the reporter.”
Dave: “No dude, they never even asked our names!”
J: “Weird. Alright then, what’s my name?”
SV: “John”
J: “Close! It’s Justin…”
SV: “Yeah, well, I knew it started with a J.”
Peder: “Alright, last challenge…what’s mine?”
SV: “Peter?”
Us: “Ah! What the hell?? Are you serious? How did you guess that??”

I think he was just as surprised as we were.

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  1. All kinds of magic in those other regions of the world.

  2. And that, good sir, is exactly why I travel.

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