Dec 192007

After reading Josh’s post on the disturbing otaku underworld of AKB48 worshipers, I resolved to witness the circus firsthand on my next visit to Tokyo. So when I heard that I’d have the opportunity to accompany Felicia on her business trip this April I shot him an e-mail almost immediately.

And as luck would have it, the man just happened to be taking an out-of-town friend to a show on the precise morning that I’d be available. We exchanged contact information and met up sometime around 6am that Sunday morning.

Thank god he was there to hold my place in line, because after coming straight from an all-night club with Eli it took about thirty seconds for me to fall asleep from exhaustion right outside of Akiba Don Quixote.

Several hours later, after acquiring our much sought-after tickets, I retired to a nearby Mc Donald’s to catch a few more hours of sleep while Josh and his friend went touring around the city. Then, later that evening, showtime finally came.

Unfortunately I found myself in one of the last groups to be called in the strange “lottery-for-seats” fiasco, resulting in a back-corner standing vantage. Oh well. At least I’d have a better chance of sneaking a video or two – surely no one would notice a tiny handheld camera with hundreds of nerds jumping and sweating all around me, right?

Wrong. On the way out the staff confronted me. “Someone told us you were taking pictures; show us your camera.” I tried to refuse but they wouldn’t let me pass. So I slipped the memory card out and gave them the empty camera. Still no go. “Give us the memory or you ain’t going nowhere.” Damn, all I really wanted were the videos of the nerds and their hilarious hand motions and memorized lyrics anyway. 😥

I proceeded from the theater almost directly to the train station and back to my home in Kyoto for some much needed rest

And now, only seven months later, I’ve finally finished writing about my last trip to Tokyo!

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  1. I have a region free dvd player. I have several dvd’s of their concerts. I wish I could see them live.

  2. This is soooo stupid! How could these guys get so into it?!?!?!? I’m lost

    (But fun story 🙂 )

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