Oct 182010

After two full days of tourism and a late Friday night on the town, Peder and I were so spent that we ended up sleeping through most of Saturday. We awoke with just barely enough time to catch the last of the business hours at Kiev’s Chernobyl Museum.

Although what we really wanted was to visit the actual Chernobyl (yes, it is indeed possible), our tight schedule simply wouldn’t allow it…so we figured a stop at the official museum would be the next best thing 😛

It was just so-so. The most interesting display to me was a puppy that had been mutated by radioactive fallout (born with about 25 legs), and the dozens and dozens of city signs from ghost towns that had to be abandoned after the accident.

Sad and terrifying.

One thing I should mention about Ukraine is that its museums all seem to have this very weird policy of either forbidding photos entirely, or charging a ludicrous fee to let you take them. Like if admission is 5 UAH, they’ll charge 50 more just to let you take photos. Some places will charge you yet again for videos. Lame.

Once the museum closed, we spent a couple hours strolling the cobbled Andriyivsky Uzviz, a touristy but charming pedestrian road lined with stalls selling handicrafts, old Soviet memorabilia, bracelets, necklaces, and all the other usual “arts and crafts district” fare.

It was an unusually slow-paced afternoon, much of which ended up being oriented towards eating – after waiting for an extremely slow meal (i.e. 1 hour+) of latke-like potato pancakes, Peder had built up an appetite of his own – so almost immediately after I finished eating we found ourselves migrating towards the harbor in search of another restaurant. Here, he grabbed a quick bite while I ran down to the docks to investigate our planned event for the evening:

Apparently, some of Kiev’s most unique nightlife offerings are its river party boats, which leave every 20 minutes, every night of the week.

I confirmed the price and times and we hurried home to get changed.

Tonight, we were determined not to get a late start. It was our last Saturday in Eastern Europe and our only Saturday in Kiev – one of our favorite stops of the entire trip. We simply had to make it to those boats.

  3 Responses to “A Slow Saturday”

  1. Albeit slow paced, it still was a nice and eventful day. On purpose I hadn’t planned so much for us on that day in order to not stress (too) much before heading out. After all, we were going to cover the river boats, plus have time to make it to bars and clubs in good time 🙂

    You got one fact wrong though. I didn’t eat cause I was hungry. I ate in order to save time on the way out later. You had told me you wouldn’t need any other meal than your retardedly late pancake-thing and (cue the angellic music) the McDonalds was just next to where we were going to look for the boats. Thus I could gulp down a double decker while you sorted out the exact time and place for our ..ehem.. eventful boattrip….

  2. Oh yeah, that’s right! See? This is the problem with filling in the details 4 months after the fact when you have a crap-memory like mine, hahaa… 😛

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