GPR-SLICE is a proprietary software package designed and written by geophysicist Dean Goodman of the Geophysical Archeometry Laboratory in Los Angeles, CA. It is used for creating 2D/3D subsurface images from raw Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR) data, and has a wide variety of applications including geotechnical, engineering and archaeological. It is currently being utilized by more than 140 private, educational, and governmental organizations worldwide.


Dr. Goodman decided to contract out his programming work for the first time in 2005, which is what enabled me to design and produce the first version of my GPR-SLICE View add-on module. Although GPR-SLICE View cannot operate on raw GPR data directly, it offers significant advantages over the original GPR-SLICE in the manipulation and display of the final radargram imagery.

Prior to the introduction of the module, users would numerically specify their desired viewing angle, depth, color palette, and any other information that would affect the appearance of their display. They would then wait for the software to produce a still jpeg image. If they wanted to change the angle of the view, cut away any of the volume, or perform any other manipulation, the processing would have to be repeated.

GPR-SLICE View uses OpenGL to render Dr. Goodman's 3D volumes in real-time, substantially decreasing the time required by the end-user to locate and identify important geological features. It enables the user to move freely about the volume, rotating, zooming, and selectively adding or removing slices to reveal interior features. It supports multiple color palettes, isosurface rendering, and can output any given display to a static jpeg image file. And because it is a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) application, several volumes can be opened and manipulated simultaneously for comparison.


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