Little Johnny Has Cirrhosis is a 3D online multiplayer game developed for an invitation-only project course at UCSD. It was designed and coded entirely from scratch in ten weeks, delivered on time for a demonstration before a live audience and television crew. Here is a video of that demo.


Little Johnny Has Cirrhosis is a top-down shooter in which the user pilots a small ship through the body of an irresponsible young college student named Johnny. Because Johnny has been diagnosed with terminal cirrhosis, he has charged you, his best friend, with the task of making your way through his body in an effort to force the evil virus to release his liver. It's essentially the 1966 movie The Fantastic Voyage with a college twist.

The game features both single and multiplayer modes in which players battle their way through viruses, bacteria, and even Johnny's own immune system on the way to his liver. The gameplay spans four separate arenas that are interconnected via Johnny's blood vessels; once one arena is completed a brief cutscene whisks the player's ship through a vessel and into the next.

Although the play field lies on a 2D plane similar to the classic game "asteroids," it is rendered in full 3D using OpenGL. The environment itself resembles a large "egg" that surrounds the ship, the camera, and all of numerous animated background layers. This full 3D environment allows the camera to rotate and reposition itself during brief cutscenes, which combines with 3D surround sound to create a truly captivating gaming experience.


  • Single-Player Story Mode
  • Five-Player Deathmatch Mode
  • Seven Unique Types of Enemy AI
  • Four Arenas
  • Four Upgradable Weapons
  • Shields and Health Power-ups
  • Keyboard or Gamepad control (with bindable keys)
  • Fully Integrated Networking (via the game's menu system)
  • A HUD Display with Radar and First-Person "Targeting Computer"
  • Particle Effects, Explosions, Death Animations, and Level-Change Animations
  • 3D Environmental Sound
  • A Complex Scoring/Ranking System
  • Fully Customizable Physics, AI, Damage, and Graphics (via easily editable .ini files)


Justin Klein
Management, Programming
Andrew Strauss
Management, Programming
Nakul Verma
Chris Yap
Jeff Cole
  • Creative & Technical Lead
  • Client-Side Game Logic
  • 3D Graphics Engine
  • 3D Sound Engine
  • Motion Physics
  • Second Project Lead
  • Server-Side Game Logic
  • Networking
  • Power-Ups
  • Enemy AI
  • Gamepad Support
  • Motion Physics
  • Collision Detection
  • Original Artwork
  • Models & Textures

Additional Information

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You can view the full final course demonstration here, or a brief gameplay clip below:

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