Shijiazhuang Ski Park
March 13, 2009
9 Comments, 16412 views.

Skiing in China = hilarity.
09_03_02_Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year Warzone
March 2, 2009
8 Comments, 3993 views.

If you've thought you've seen fireworks before...
Crosswalk in Cairo
February 9, 2009
1 Comments, 2758 views.

There's no such thing as a crosswalk in Egypt - crossing the street almost anywhere feels like a suicidal mad-dash!
Huashan Teaser
December 15, 2008
12 Comments, 4980 views.

A short clip of my climb up Hua Shan, one of China's five sacred Taoist mountains and supposedly the most dangerous tourist hike in the world. How could I resist? :)
Fourteen Months in Japan
January 1, 2008
2 Comments, 5822 views.

Some of the many sights I saw during my stay in the Land of the Rising Sun
Double Dutch 2007
December 21, 2007
0 Comments, 6746 views.

The Ritsumeikan 3rd year Double-Dutch team is at it again
December 10, 2006
0 Comments, 3961 views.

Navigating my bike through the dense Arashiyama crowds
E3 2006
May 13, 2006
0 Comments, 4291 views.

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is back...and better than ever
Awa Odori
Awa Odori Matsuri
October 1, 2005
0 Comments, 4561 views.

Tokushima's Awa Odori dancing festival, one of Japan's three biggest.
Conquering Mt. Fuji
July 29, 2005
0 Comments, 4456 views.

YHM's trek to the summit of Mt. Fuji...and back
Gion Matsuri
July 18, 2005
0 Comments, 4566 views.

Gion Matsuri, one of Japan's three biggest festivals of the year...and I'm pulling one of the floats in the Grand Procession!
May 31, 2005
0 Comments, 3626 views.

My Shamisen sensei performing a Kabuki scene in Kyoto
Ritsudousen Baseball
May 25, 2005
0 Comments, 3356 views.

Ritsumeikan vs Doshisha Baseball - Talk about SCHOOL SPIRIT!
May 22, 2005
0 Comments, 3230 views.

Acapella performers on Sanjo Kamogawa
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