May 282011

My main reason for settling in a small town like Krabi was to catch up on work and writing – but as mentioned in the previous post, that didn’t exactly go as planned. Still, I didn’t want to leave without doing at least one bit of tourism – so when my very last day turned out to be flawlessly sunny I decided I’d take a quick trip to the nearby Tiger Cave Temple.

Yet as I didn’t get started until late afternoon (after finishing a few hours of work, an hour of lifting, and another of jogging), every single motorbike in town had already been rented. D’oh!

Enter Noi to save the day: she generously offered me hers, as long as I could get it back by 4 🙂

I must’ve looked pretty silly cruising down those country roads on a neon green, flower-covered 50cc beast. But that’s alright – it was great fun, and got me there in a flash.

The temple complex itself was actually quite a bit larger than I thought, with a wide array of buildings and shrines.

Its main attraction, however, is unquestionably the towering mountain peak – capped off with a set of giant golden Buddhas and a most spectacular view.

And to get there: a leisurely climb up 1,237 near-vertical steps!

Because I had to get the bike back by 4, time was already short – so just for fun I decided to see how quickly I could “sprint” to the top.

The result: 20 minutes. When I reached the summit I encountered a local who told me that the record was 16 (by a pro Thai boxer who uses it to train), and typical for a tourist is around 45. Not too shabby! 😀

And then, just as quickly as I’d started (er, actually more like twice as quickly) I made my way down and sped back to town, reaching the guesthouse just as Noi got off work.

The two of us then headed to Ao Nang for one last sunset cocktail with a few of our friends. My brief life in Krabi was coming to an end – and although it’d only been a week, it truly felt like home.

Thanks so much again, everyone…I’m gonna miss you all 🙂

  10 Responses to “Tiger Cave Temple”

  1. Those tigers look more like dragons 🙂

    I guess there was a *little* reason why you got off-track (pun intended :-P)

  2. LOL! I think that might be your best pun yet 😆

  3. That contemplative photo is cool

  4. i love the golden buddha shot!

    the steps remind me of batu caves in malaysia, even though batu caves only has 272 steps (and not 1,237).

  5. Hehe…Batu Caves is coming right up! 😉

  6. Hey, how are you ? what are you been up to? how is your dad? i have been reading a few of your blog and yes i super jealous of your life , im going to Phi phi for a weekend (bored ) and maybe bkk next month, when are you coming back here again (asia) i mean ,
    dont work to hard and hope you keep having fun !

  7. Hey hey…I’m good, still at home taking care of the old man – the healing’s been very slow.

    I had planned to come back to Asia this summer, but I keep end up delaying more and more so most likely I’ll just head straight to Europe in July or so, then make my way back there towards the end of the year. We’ll see, everything’s still a bit up in the air…

  8. Hi there..been searching this breathtaking place…is there a train going to that place? what’s the fastest way to go there? could you suggest a cheaper yet comfy hostels? thanks

    • Hi Eric,

      I’m not aware of any other way to get there than to drive. It’s been 4 years since I was in Krabi tho, so who knows. As for hostels, there were tons & all super cheap! I’d just roam around a bit to find one to your liking ~ I was happy enough with my private room at Good Dream Guesthouse 🙂

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