WP-FB-AutoConnect Premium

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Premium add-on for the WP-FB-AutoConnect Wordpress plugin.


The WP-FB AutoConnect plugin lets you seamlessly integrate Facebook logins with your WordPress or Buddypress website.  It provides a streamlined and transparent login experience to your users, while allowing a great deal of flexibility and customizability to site administrators.

This premium addon works in conjunction with the free basic plugin to enable additional features and functionality.  Please visit the plugin page for more information & instructions.

Please note that this addon is available with either a SINGLE DOMAIN or MULTIPLE DOMAIN license. Customers wishing to use the addon on one unique website may purchase a single-domain license; if you intend to install the addon on multiple domains, including subdomains, please purchase a multiple-domain license instead.

As this is a digital purchase, you’ll be able to download and install the addon immediately upon completion of payment.

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