I was last seen 2 months ago in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
Apr 252013

During the course of my two months in Siem Reap, I produced dozens of pages of blog notes – quite possibly the most I’ve ever written in one place. Somehow, I just couldn’t stop writing.

Yet in favor of moving forward, I’m once again going to cut a bit short. Rather than attempting to polish a small novel’s worth of observations, I’ll post just a representative set of photos & notes to give you a glimpse of what life was like – and why I stayed for so long. Hopefully, it’ll be just enough to motivate you to go experience Cambodia for yourselves 🙂
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Apr 232013

For the third and final day of my Angkor ticket, I again set out by bike. Only this time, unlike day #1, I didn’t go granny-style. I rented a proper high-end mountain bike – complete with gears, shocks, and disc breaks. The goal wasn’t just to sightsee; today would be a day of full-output exercise under the blazing Cambodian sun, covering as much ground and burning as many calories as my legs would allow.

By the time I collapsed on my bed at about 7pm I’d ridden 80km in all – plus the hiking, scrambling, climbing, and photographing in between. For as exhausting as it was, it might have been my favorite day of them all.
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Apr 212013

Having finally wrapped up all the major Angorian sights I’d planned to see, I ran down the last few hours with my driver by hitting every temple I could along the drive home from Kbal Spean…
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Apr 172013

Throughout my years of blogging, there have been a handful of posts I’d really looked forward to writing. There was the one about Kazantip, an event I’d been anticipating for a solid year; the one about Thaipusam, because of the strange and frightening photos; and the series about Transdniestr, because honestly, how many people end up in a rogue nation that technically doesn’t even exist?

During my months of living in Cambodia, a discussion of the Khmer Rouge gradually became one such post – but for very different reasons. As you well know, one of the things I love about traveling is setting up camp and really immersing myself in a culture; interacting with locals, seeing how they live, and learning what they’re about. In this regard, Cambodia has turned out to be one of the most interesting and different places I’ve ever been – so for as dark as its recent history may be, it’s been both fascinating and incredibly powerful to learn about firsthand. Continue reading »

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