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Jan 182005

Well, I finally took a trip over to Ritsumeikan in Kyoto and I’ve made my final decision: if I’m accepted, I’ll pack up and move. Of course, this means that I won’t have any classes until April 1st – it’s quite a while to wait – but here’s why I think it will be worth it: Continue reading »

Jan 152005

imageHello for the first time from my new room! Daniel finally headed home today, which sucks, but on the bright side he let me take over his old room after he left. It was a bit of a pain to move all of my stuff yet again, but well worth it – my old room had no curtains and faced DIRECTLY into the rising sun every morning. Here’s what the new place looks like (its furniture is also a LOT more convenient – it actually has a DESK instead of just a table).
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Jan 132005

imageJust a quick entry today. I actually didn’t end up going out at all last night but today Daniel and I took a trip to Kobe. The city was surprisingly awesome – aside from the fact that it’s my first time to ANY coast of Japan (we spent a good deal of the time walking around the harbor area) the city itself was REALLY modern, clean, high-tech…parts of it looked like a scene right out of Blade Runner. Just check out this picture to the left; how futuristic does THAT look? And to top it off, we even saw a “superconducting electromagnetic propulsion boat.”
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Jan 112005

Warning: The following events have been formatted to fit this screen, and to run in the time allotted.

Hey all! Sorry again for the big delay between updates…things have started getting a bit busier around here. Which is a good thing. So I guess I should say that this 4 or 5 day delay between posts would be more reasonable to expect from now on…no need to send me e-mails making sure that I’m OK when I go awhile without updating. 🙂

Sooo, what have I been doing. Well, for one thing I finally got around to exploring Hirakata-shi, and I was surprised to find that it’s a LOT bigger than I’d initially thought. In fact, it’s a city of over 600,000 people. After speaking with some of the other foreigners who live here with me (in particular, there’s a 22 year old Japanese instructor named Daniel from Australia who studied at Kansai Gaidai about 3 years ago, and just came back to visit for the holidays…real nice guy, and FULL of great info) I found out about some of the lesser-known hot spots nearby. Continue reading »

Jan 062005

imageCome one, come all, to the Extra Dope Wear Select Shop…or just Ill Store, for short.

Spent the whole day cruisin’ Kyoto today…saw another Maiko, and this time she was RIGHT up close. Wow, are they ever pretty. Just to clarify on my previous post, a geiko is a geisha, and a maiko is a geisha-in-training. I do NOT know any geisha named Maiko or Geiko 🙂 Continue reading »

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