Mar 182005

That’s it. It’s done. 2,050 kanji learned in exactly 33 days. I now know the MEANINGS of as many kanji as most Japanese people including quite a few that they don’t even know. Thank you, James W. Heisig!

Some of the more useful characters I’ve learned include wisteria (a type of flower), vicariously, T’ang Dynasty, “an area equal to two tatami mats,” diarrhea, straw rope, silkworm, animal sacrifice, promontory, paulownia (a type of tree), horse chestnut, and feudal clan. Why waste my time learning such seemingly irrelevant kanji, you ask? Names, my friends…names. Well, not diarrhea. That’s not so common in names. But you know what I mean.

And now begins the arduous task of solidification. If I run through the entire box of flashcards, I still only get roughly 90% right – meaning that I miss an unacceptably high number somewhere around 200. Once I’ve got the meanings down, it’s time for readings. Then compounds and vocab.

But first, I’m off to party like it’s 1999!

  4 Responses to “Mission: Accomplished”

  1. Diarrhea…..yeah….not that common a name.
    But I wouldn’t think that “animal sacrifice” or “horse chestnut” would be common names either 🙂

    Have fun this week……sounds like you’ve earned it,


  2. wow man good job.

  3. You mean shibu as in shibuya? That does indeed mean diarrhea and the name is quite common knowledge around the globe.

  4. haha oh, i was talking about 痢, not 渋…i learned 渋 as “astringent” (i know there are multiple meanings for most of the kanji, but with this program i just learn one meaning for each character, mainly so that i can differentiate between each of them without confusion and have some idea what they stand for…then with book 2, which i’ll start when i get back from tokyo, i’ll learn the readings and compounds). It’s interesting that they have two diarrhea kanji, though! haha.

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