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Well, these past two months without a single blog post have marked my longest run of silence since I started this page way back in 2004. Part of the reason is that I didn’t want to reveal anything about my new job until it was 100% in the bag. But perhaps a larger part is the fact that my life hadn’t been particularly interesting; just lots of studying and work-related efforts.

Once the job was all locked up, however, a question arose: what should I do until it actually starts? Even outside of the usual time killers (programming for Dean, working out, spending time with friends and relatives, etc) I’d have nearly two months free until my departure.

I started by amping up my Japanese study. I don’t think I ever even mentioned it, but I did end up passing the JLPT 2Q (日本語能力試験2級) exam last December. Unfortunately, the six months in America since then have resulted in my forgetting what feels like half of my kanji. Now that I’ll be working in Japan the stakes are suddenly much higher. Time to reclaim them all!

I also amped up my workouts quite a bit. This short stay in The Land of Unnecessarily Large Restaurant Servings seems like the perfect opportunity to rebuild the strength that I lost during the past fourteen months in Asia. You know, so I can go right back and lose it all over again 🙂 So far I’ve actually managed to break my all-time bench max, although smashing my thumb under a 75-lbs dumbbell and rolling my wrist on the bench three days later might just set me back for a little while. D’oh.

But these activities only lasted me so long, so I decided to start dipping into my life’s “to-do” list a bit deeper.

I started by getting a motorcycle license. I don’t think my parents were so pleased about this one, especially considering that my dad still lives with incredible pain from a motorcycle crash when he was only 20, but I think that it’ll be very useful in Japan. If I end up wanting to ride, better to have learned now, in English, and at a fraction of the cost.

Next I’m looking at getting an Open-Water SCUBA certification, time and money permitting.

I also scheduled two short trips that I just returned from a couple of days ago: one to the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas, followed almost immediately by six days in Michigan.

Plus I’ve been reading. Books.

This may not sound strange to many of you, but those of you who know me best will be the most shocked. Between all of my other hobbies I virtually never get around to even the shortest of novels, but I’ve decided to finally work my way through a long list of “must-reads” that I’ve been compiling for years, including The DaVinci Code. I loved it 🙂

Stay tuned for a more in-depth account of my trek to the bottom of the Grand Canyon after this short commercial break.

  3 Responses to “Killin’ Time”

  1. Glad to hear that your life is picking up. Sounds like you are managing to have some fun. Did you get a chance to see O while you were in Vegas?


  2. Awesome dude. If you run out of things to do…not to sound like a bitch, but in my recent foray into using Opera, the awesome photoness covers most of the text. Though it doesn’t really matter, as I am switching back to Safari methinks…

  3. Yeah…well I wouldn’t quite say “picking up,” as I’m still really eager to get back to Japan and start working, but I am trying to make the best of this free time I have 🙂

    Unfortunately O didn’t end up happening. Next time I’ll have to just reserve tickets WAY in advance…

    …Whenever “next time” is.

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