Apr 012008

There are now less than twenty-four hours until my life in Japan comes to an end. The perfect night for my first ever visit to Ageha, one of the largest clubs in all of Asia.

I’d been wanting to experience Ageha since I first heard of it over one year earlier, but each time I came to Tokyo there was something that stood in my way.

Not this time.

After a quick nap at our hotel, Peder and I called up JingJing and his buddy Kay. We headed into Shibuya, stopping for a quick game at Pachinko before taking to the streets. It was still rather early, so we had plenty of time to gather energy and momentum for the big night.

As usual the city was flooded with cool young people, all more than willing to hang out and join our group, …

…throw on an odd costume, …

…or offer us some drinks of their own.

After a few hours of streetside fun, it was time to board the bus which would take us out of the city and to the entrance of this world-class megaclub.

Of course, we took it upon ourselves to supply refreshments for ourselves and everyone seated in our immediate vicinity.

Finally, we arrived.

Just like Suma, this was one of a handful of places I’ve been that has completely lived up to its hype. It was ENORMOUS, each room bigger than any club I’ve seen in Osaka, and there were at least five of them. Plus an outdoors food area, a tent area, and sky bar with a swimming pool and fantastic view of the bay.

It’s really a shame that they didn’t allow cameras inside – Peder managed to sneak mine in by sticking it in his sock, but I was too afraid to take any flash photos lest I get it confiscated or be ejected from the club.

We stayed here until morning, watching the sunrise from the roof, …

…and stopping for breakfast at First Kitchen before making a mad dash to the airport.

I’m starting to get the hang of this “traveling straight after an all-nighter with no sleep at all” thing.

Peder’s flight back to Norway departed first, which he just barely made; I took my time eating, deactivating my cellphone, and repacking my bags 20 times to get them under the weight limit (which I failed to do – eventually the lady at the counter just said “screw it!” and let me go).

Then I got on the plane and slept – across an entire row of 5 seats – the whole way home.

And that, my friends, concludes one more fantastic year of life in Kyoto, Japan.

  3 Responses to “Japan Notes 9 – Ageha and Home”

  1. You ARE crazy for walking on glass bottles 🙂 I wouldn’t be shocked if AA considered that as one of the signs that you’re an alki…..hehehe

    And I love the plane pic comment

  2. Haha well, we had to provide drinks for the other people on the bus! You know Japanese people are too afraid to break any rules to do it, and it’s super-fun to be able to pre-party with and toast everyone around you. It wasn’t an especially short bus ride there either 😛

  3. A trip fantastic!

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