Advertise to World Travelers

Interested in reaching a targeted audience of adventurous world travelers? Advertising slots are avaliable on site-wide, per-location, and per-post basis. I'm happy to work with you to meet your individual needs and budget, so feel free to contact me directly.

Advertise to Japanese Students

Having lived in Kyoto for over 2 years and learned to speak the language fluently, many of my posts, particularly those from 2004-2007, deal specifically with Japan and Japanese language instruction. Thousands of visitors who find their way here are students or expats moving to Japan. Please feel free to contact me to discuss advertising in any of these relevant areas.

Advertise to Wordpress Users

I'm ranked among the top 200 Wordpress plugin authors worldwide, and receive thousands of monthly visitors to my plugin pages here. Wordpress-related advertising is also welcome.

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